About Us

We feel that it is important to address who we are as a brand and what we stand for.

With a lot of our product development taking place in the new year of 2021, and in the middle of a global pandemic, we felt like this was a great opportunity for new ideas to come to life. In previous years, the British Manufacturing industry really has suffered, and, with Brexit causing many changes and thoughts on this matter, we really wanted to do something about it.

The Good Groom Company is a brand new development and will be a very popular brand in the equestrian industry. We know this because we have products on the horizon that have never been seen before and we will help you improve not just your horses cleanliness, but their overall condition and well- being.

We have some questions for you that may have never crossed your mind... but they should!

  • Can you tell me where your grooming kit was manufactured?
  • Where does the material on your grooming bag come from?
  • Are the materials used in any of your grooming essentials sourced in an ethical way?

We are pretty sure that the answers to most of these questions will be "I don't actually know", and that is totally understandable.

We think that the grooming kit is often overlooked and now, a little outdated.

We are on a mission to develop a range of grooming products that are …

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • From an ethical source
  • Has a lower carbon footprint
  • Made from lass plastic
  • And gives all round better results